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Aktualisiert  12 / 2020

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Dear friend!

Please write us only in German or English!  -    Here you can read about our works:

We are a very small German-Canadian-Bible-Tracts-Mission, distributing at first small books in 7,4 x 5,2 cm large with 31pages) in a wonderfully collection by Bible-Verses in different languages / look order-paper! You can print and send it by paper-mail.

The Bible-Verses are so collected by the Holly Spirit, that the reader can understand, what the goal by the Holy Gospel is.  We can send you a booklet in your one language. Please read it carefully and pray for the knowledge! – If this is the right tool for you personally, or for your gospel-works?  - If you are sure, it is, than write us, how much booklets you really need for your personally distribution! 
You must understand - the number of your booklet-order is limited by our money and printing- capacity. - Please write us first by e-mail and again by paper-letter, not only by e-mail, if you really need the booklets for your personally distribution! - An e-mail alone is not save for an exactly order!  
Please write only in German or English!  - So God bless you in the name of our wonderful Lord, Jesus Christ, in the Glory of our Heavenly Father and the Holly Spirit!  Amen 

Your brother Reinhard Sorger, Missions-Leader
Bible For The World / e.V.   Heckenweg 4    D-72172 Sulz  -  Germany -

Bank-contact for helping:  Volksbank Rottweil  Kt.Nr. 132897008  BLZ 64290120   Internationale Bank Nr.: BIC: GENODES1VRW - IBAN: DE65642901200132897008      in Germany